Idea of creating Rakityanskiy brand has drawn its first breath in July 2017, from that very moment just an idea started implementing into something one is able to buy here today.


Initially it was planned to create nicely made and pleasant to look at clothes. But over time, I began to understand: clothes we wear are not just for the cover but to show who we are inside.
And the idea of the Rakityansky brand began to line up ,brand for people who are not afraid to dress the way they want, not the way our society wants them to.
The entire mass market is recklessly ruining new brand models by smoothing “the corners” out, erasing everything that could possibly individualize person, and release to the masses.
That is the exact reason of why I feel ill at ease when entering subway, place which is a complete grey swarm of people who are scared of being different. They are scared of condemning glances, thoughts. This is a very big problem in the CIS countries where people care more about what others think about them than about being an individual.individual.

Why “Rakityanskiy”?

Very simply – that is my last name.

What comes next?

Briefly saying, next comes awesomeness! Fully saying, in the nearest time we plan to widen the variety with more complex, detailed clothes that are going to express the human’s soul.
Individuality is what comes first!

When sufficiently developed, we are going to start creating other types of goods like:

  • Outwear
  • Shoes
  • Headwear
  • Accessories
  • Basically everything one needs

So here are a few words of what Rakityanskiy brand is about. If you are interested, go ahead and visit our blog! There you will be able to find the insides, our future plans and backstage.
Best regards, Rakityanskiy TM